Home Spa

Bedroom Kitchen
Dusting & Cleaning of furniture's (Like Bed,Wardrobe,dressing table etc) Cobweb Removal.
Cupboard Cleaning from outside. Cleaning & degreasing of Chimney & Exhaust Fan from outside.
Cleaning of window panes & window channels Cleaning of all Appliances & cabinets Externally.
Cleaning of Fan, Lighting & Fixtures. Cleaning of all Appliances & cabinets Externally
Floor scrubbing. Vacuuming & Mopping of floor.
Dry dusting of Walls and ceiling.
Bathroom Living Room
Clean, disinfect toilets and bathroom. Cleaning of floors& windows.
Cleaning of tap/sink/basins & counters etc. Cobweb Removal
Streak free cleaning of mirrors & glasses. Dry dusting of walls and ceiling.
Floor and Tile Scrubbing. Vacuuming of sofa, chairs, mattresses, carpets& curtains.
Dry & wet mopping of the Complete floor.
Dusting of gadgets like TV, Fan, home theatre, CD player, computer etc.

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