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Yes, that's the USP of our service - doorstep cleaning.
Virtually everything! It covers interior as well as exterior cleaning .This includes vacuum cleaning, cleaning of sets, rooftops & carpets, washing, shampooing, polishing, pest control, odor elimination, perfuming and polishing doors and dashboard.
Absolutely not. We come armed with all the equipment and cleaning agents. All we need from you water for cleaning and access to a power outlet.
The Complete Car Spa Package only includes exteriors and interiors cleaning of cars The underbelly doesn't fall into this.
We use special cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains, unless of course we fear damage to the upholstery.
It's extremely simple. Just long on to our website and book an appointment online. Alternatively, you could call or email us. All you need to do is suggest a convenient date and time. Our team will show up at your house at the appointed hour.
We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. You can get in touch with us, any time.
For optimal results we use only branded, professional grade detergents. We keep ourselves updated with the latest products in the market and use those as required to offer you the best car spa service in town.
If the scratches have not sliced away the paint, they can go with a round of vigorous polishing. However, deep scratches may require repainting.
Yes in fact it is recommended to do so Exposure to rainwater pollutants can dull the paint finish of your car. Your vehicle then needs more protection. It may get dirty again, but our service will make it easier to clean it the next time all the while adding more shelf life to your vehicle.
Yes, our service includes pest control. We clean every nook and corner of your car, removing pests from all crevices. In the end, we also steam your interiors to make sure no pests are left inside.

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